Fraternal Order of Police IDOC Lodge #263

“We Walk the Toughest Beat”!

Welcome to Lodge 263’s website. Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 263 was founded in 1993 and represents Illinois Department of Corrections professionals across the state. FOP Lodge 263 is a subordinate lodge to the IL State Lodge (32,000+ members) and the FOP Grand Lodge (320,000+ members).  As part of the largest and most respected law enforcement organization in the nation, we strive to improve the standing of our members through educational, charitable and legislative means. Our motto “We Walk the Toughest Beat” is a tribute to the 34 IDOC Fallen Heroes who gave their lives in the performance of their duties. Their names are published on this site as a memorial.  It is also a reflection on the perils faced everyday by the correctional officers and parole agents who patrol some of the most dangerous “streets” in the state, dealing with the worst criminals deemed unfit for society. It is generally a thankless career as sacrifices made by correctional officers in protecting public safety largely go unnoticed by the public.

It is our hope that FOP Lodge 263 can improve the quality of life for those that thanklessly serve the citizens of Illinois.      

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