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    Illinios Correctional Employees' Memorial Association

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    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

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Illinois Corrections Fallen Heroes

  • Joseph Clark Joliet 1865
  • Peter N Klein Joliet 1926
  • Lewis M Paul Menard 1965
  • Arthur L. Kisro Menard 1965
  • George L. Wilson Menard 1965
  • Joseph J. Cushman Menard 1982
  • Cecil H. Harbison Menard 1984
  • Charles A. Krueger Pontiac 1919
  • John S. Jones Pontiac 1922
  • Friebert F. Johnke Pontiac 1933
  • William E. McCasling Pontiac 1967
  • Robert J. Conkle Pontiac 1978
  • Stanley Cole Pontiac 1978
  • William N. Thomas Pontiac 1978
  • Frieda King Pontiac 1983
  • Virdeen Willis Pontiac 1985
  • Robert L. Taylor Pontiac 1987
  • Robert Jefferson Sheridan 1971
  • James McMurry Stateville 1920
  • Zoeth Skaggs Stateville 1944
  • Edward McAsey Stateville 1944
  • James P. Zeiger Stateville 1973
  • Peter Beckett Burd Stateville 1977
  • Suon “Sonny” Troeung Stateville 1988
  • Lawrence “Frank” Kush Jr. Stateville 1989
  • Harold Daniels Stateville 1992
  • Henry B. Washington IYC Joliet 1986
  • Leonard Tatro Kankakee 1968
  • Rufus Campbell St. Charles 1970
  • Kevin P. McGuire Urbana CCC 1996
  • Helen M. Koches Graham 2002
  • Anthony “Tony” Lee Hill 2007
  • Senior Agent Ellane Aimiuwu 2010
  • Tracy Cooper Stateville CC 2010

Our Mission

The mission of the Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Corrections Lodge 263, shall be to provide its members with the opportunity to support and interact and be a part of and have a voice as its brothers and sisters of Law Enforcement of all entities. We will encourage and promote friendships, participate in charity, fraternal, civic and legislative events for betterment and positive promotion of its members and their needs as well as the community.

If you have any questions about membership to ILFOP Corrections Lodge 263, vist the Membership Page or feel free to contact us. We cannot wait to meet you!

Contact Us

ILFOP Corrections Lodge 263
4341 Acer Grove, Suite B
Springfield, Illinois 62711
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