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    Keep up to date on the laws and public announcements that effect your job and life. Stay educated on what is going on in Illinois.

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Check on the Status on all Bills      

For more information on all current bills that could effect your well being, please vist the Illinois General Assembly Website by clicking the button below.

IL General Assembly

Both the House and Senate will be in Springfield next week. Both Chambers have established committees and Members have been appointed. The Governor will give his
combined Budget/State-of-the-State address to a Joint Session of the House and
Senate on Wednesday, February 15th.

So far there have been 1,307 bills have been filed in the Senate and 2,132 bills filed in the House.
That number will surely grow as the bill filing deadline for the Senate is February 10
and the House is February 17.

  • February 10 – Deadline to introduce Senate Bills in the Senate
  • February 15 – Governor’s combined State of the State/Budget Address
  • February 17 – Deadline to introduce House Bills in the House
  • February 28 – Municipal Primary Election
  • March 10 – Deadline to report House Bills from House Committees and Senate Bills from Senate Committees
  • March 24 – Deadline to report House Bills on Third Reading in the House
  • March 31 – Deadline to report Senate Bills on Third Reading in the Senate
  • April 4 – Municipal Election
  • April 28 – Deadline to report Senate Bills from House Committees and House Bills from Senate Committees
  • May 11 – Deadline to report House Bills on Third Reading in the Senate
  • May 12 – Deadline to report Senate Bills on Third Reading in the House.
  • May 19 – Scheduled Adjournment


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President Scot Ward
P:217-891-8779 wardsbullies@gmail.com
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First Vice-President Christopher McCluster
P: 708-730-4456 cmccluster@gmail.com
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Second Vice-President Raymon Gonzales

P: 217-750-3329 adamsfam93@yahoo.com

 See our complete list of officers on the About Us Page above. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Corrections Lodge 263, shall be to provide its members with the opportunity to support and interact and be a part of and have a voice as its brothers and sisters of Law Enforcement of all entities. We will encourage and promote friendships, participate in charity, fraternal, civic and legislative events for betterment and positive promotion of its members and their needs as well as the community.

If you have any questions about membership to ILFOP Corrections Lodge 263, vist the Membership Page or feel free to contact us. We cannot wait to meet you!

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ILFOP Corrections Lodge 263
4341 Acer Grove, Suite B
Springfield, Illinois 62711
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