Most Wanted

Change of Address | Payroll Deduction

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 263 was founded in 1993 and represents Illinois Department of Corrections professionals across the state.Help us update our information and contact you!

Recognize your name here? Please update your information by completing a Member Update Form. Recognize a buddy’s name? Please let them know to update their information!

Most Wanted – Change of Address

The names listed below are wanted because they have changed their address and failed to notify us. Their membership card came back and we want to mail them their membership card.

Because we do not have a representative at every institution yet, we are relying on our members visiting our website OR someone recognizing a member name and telling them to go to the membership update form on this website in order for that member to update their address.

Every member should visit the lodge membership update form and update any change that occurred since their application was processed. Information such as name, address, email, cell phone, house phone, beneficiary information, employment status, institution changes, retired, etc. Our goal is to improve on the service to our membership. We need your support, cooperation and participation. Right now our total is 90 members needing to update their address. We will do a count down each quarter until the number of names is down to zero.

Member Update Form

Most Wanted – Please update your address!

  1. Lavell Ashford
  2. Monte Ashmore
  3. Andrew Atkins
  4. Scot E. Baxter
  5. Bradley Bayles
  6. William Beard
  7. William Beaty
  8. Nicole Benjamin
  9. Timothy Blackburn
  10. James T. Blaesing
  11. Bryan Keith Brown
  12. Tim Brumley
  13. Nathan Burgess
  14. Clayton Carter
  15. James M Chappell
  16. Joshua J. Christine
  17. Valerie Chupp
  18. James W. Collin
  19. William Davis
  20. Shaun S. Dawson
  21. Vincent M. Diveley
  22. Michael C Duffy
  23. Terrance A. Durbin
  24. Ashtin Dutz
  25. Brad D. Ebel
  26. James Elmore
  27. Brittne B. Fish
  28. Brittany Flener
  29. Roy Flener
  30. Christopher Francisco
  31. Ross D. Ford
  32. Jill K. Foreman
  33. Andrew T. Fox
  34. Wesley M. Fuchs
  35. Ron A. Good
  36. Tina Gordon
  37. Steven A Hagston
  38. Alex Harmening
  39. Matthew A. Harmon
  40. Eric Harris
  41. Travis Hidlebaugh
  42. Thomas L Hillliard
  43. Kyle W. Hinds
  44. Thomas Hopkin
  45. William J. Hopkins
  46. William Hurley
  47. Marcus Ivy
  48. Jerold E. Jenks
  49. Matthew Jerzak
  50. Nicholas T. Kays
  51. Anthony Kulavic
  52. Matthew Lammers
  53. Byron Law
  54. Bobbie J. Leduc
  55. Keith Lifter
  56. Dale R. Martin
  57. Jaquet McClendon
  58. Melissa McCray
  59. Mallor Miller
  60. Jason Milligan
  61. Thomas Mitchell
  62. Benjamin Nannen
  63. Myron D. Neisler
  64. Douglas J. Newhouse
  65. Ashley Ott
  66. Robert Perrine
  67. Richards Peterson
  68. Jason K. Pratis
  69. Larry J. Quertermous
  70. Michael Roberts
  71. Scott Robinson
  72. Ellen R. Setzer
  73. David Shea
  74. Jennifer Singer
  75. Chris Skinner
  76. Zachary Statzer
  77. Jermy J. Staub
  78. Michael Stonecipher
  79. Dennis Tarr
  80. David Tenor
  81. Nathan Thomas
  82. William S. Thompson
  83. John  Tierney
  84. Christopher A. Trader
  85. Christopher Truemer
  86. Lucas Water
  87. Chris White
  88. Nicole Wyzard
  89. John D. Young
  90. Tanner J. Zeck

Most Wanted – Payroll Deduction

The names listed below are wanted because their names appear on the Payroll Deduction Sheet, but their application was never submitted nor was it processed.

Our goal is to improve our service to our membership by using our website. We need your support, cooperation and participation in correcting this problem.

If your name appears on this list, please go to the membership tab on this website. Click on and complete the new member application form and press send so we can process your membership application or if you know someone on this list please tell them to go to the website and complete the new member application form so we can resolve this issue.

Right now our total is 128 members needing to complete their application. We will do a count down each quarter until the number of names is down to zero.

New Member Form

Most Wanted – Please complete and submit your application!


  1. Benford, Angela
  2. Crank, Gary
  3. Deauro, Joseph
  4. Lowe, Timothy A.
  5. Morre, Keisha
  6. Pyle, Harry D.
  7. Roerig, Cynthia L.
  8. Davis, Tina

Big Muddy

  1. Smith, Thomas H.


  1. Boyle, Amy J.
  2. Delgado, Dawn A.
  3. England, William C.
  4. Rovenstine, Jeffery


  1. Williams, Bradley D.


  1. Regan, James E.


East Moline

  1. Eagle, Andrew T.


  1. Dunaway, Chad J.
  2. Hanger, Nathan J.
  3. Joyce, Dillion D.
  4. King, Stephen L.
  5. McDowell, Heath A.
  6. Schaake, John D.
  7. Smith, Lucas M.
  8. Wentler, Joshua
  9. Worley, Matthew E.

IL River

  1. Curless, Amber D.
  2. Lawrence, Thomas D.


  1. Briggs, Jennifer R.
  2. Price, Derek B.
  3. Wydell, Christopher J.



  1. Brown, Holly M.
  2. Cochran, Tyler S.
  3. Davis, Eric M.
  4. Jackson, Leonta L.
  5. Locke, Kimberly A.
  6. McBride, Benjamin LS.
  7. Potter, Andrew M.


  1. Allen, Michael
  2. Battin, Gregory
  3. Brand, Austin M.
  4. Brunner, Abagail
  5. Chastain, Joy L.
  6. Creviston, Eric
  7. Davis, James
  8. Dukes, Lashae A.
  9. Evans, James N., Jr.
  10. Finley, Bo M.
  11. French, Garrett W.
  12. Goldsberry, John A.
  13. Karas, Nikkita M.
  14. Kelley, Britney
  15. Kelley, Devan
  16. Kennedy, Allison L.
  17. Klinefelter, Gabriell
  18. Lohrenz, Derek L.
  19. Lounsberry, Brandon W.
  20. Pennington, Rodney D.
  21. Schone, Jason E.
  22. Schrock, Nicholas F.
  23. Schwendy, Bradley A.
  24. Setzer, Richard B.
  25. Shull, Kayla M.
  26. Velazquez, Legna
  27. Watson, Dustin R.


  1. Beverly, Kenneth C.
  2. Dye, Jonathan T.
  3. Maze, Justin L.
  4. Powell, John R.
  5. Ripley, Aaron W.


  1. Maleski, Jon B.
  2. Seibert, Buddy T.


  1. Evans, Lance E.
  2. McBride, Darrin
  3. Toppel, Sam J.


  1. Burley, Jess A.
  2. Midgett, Jacob L.


  1. Blankenship, Jamel F.
  2. Chapman, Clint G.
  3. Huberty, Spencer
  4. Kingman, Katrina F.
  5. Trevino, Martha O.


  1. Abron, Quintin D.
  2. Adeboje, Mofolorunso
  3. Bailey, Amelia
  4. Clark, Rufus
  5. Hall, Diana
  6. Johnson, Shelby L.
  7. Leonard, Donald G.
  8. Levin Melissa A.
  9. McCloud, Michael R.
  10. Norman, Alphonso, Jr.
  11. Patterson, Kevin
  12. Reed, Altira
  13. Richards, Timothy, Jr.
  14. Sanchez, Maribel
  15. Sandoval, Luis A.
  16. Scott, Shantell L.


  1. Crowe, Chester
  2. Hernandez, Richard L.
  3. Lockard, Hannah L.
  4. Marley, Elijah
  5. McDannald, Joshua L.
  6. Mercer, William T.
  7. Taylor, Nicole M.


  1. Cothern, Gary B.
  2. Dobyns, Randy L
  3. Warden, Trampis
  4. Warner, Jason J.
  5. Weaber, Christopher
  6. Wright, Stanley K.
  7. Fuesting, Philip W.
  8. Konrad, Aaron
  9. Ledbetter, Lucas R.
  10. Metzger, Richard D.
  11. Miller, Justin T.
  12. Moreland, Raymond
  13. Osborne, Robert, Jr.
  14. Ritchey, Shawn d.
  15. Sachan, Clifford J.


  1. Harner, Darren L.
  2. Lewis, William


  1. Cortes, Corey
  2. Crary, Philip M.
  3. Crowder, Ryan S.
  4. McGuire, Matthew P.
  5. Schild, Drake
  6. Watson, Cameron
  7. Zenk, James S.