All 2018 Membership Cards have been mailed.

Any member who doesn’t receive their card by January 19, 2018 should contact Secretary Baker at

Benefits of Membership

As a member of this Lodge, the following benefits are available to you.

1.       Civil, Criminal and Administrative Legal Insurance
2.       Comprehensive Legal services
3.       Line of Duty/ benefits
4.       Informative publications
5.       FOP merchandise
6.       Low rate credit card
7.       Training and education
8.       Lodge liability insurance
9.       Personal support program
10.    Conceal Carry Insurance

The FOP Death Benefit Program is also included with your membership.  The benefits include: $3,000 Felonious Assault, $3,000 Accidental Death, $5,000 Line of Duty, $3,000 Common Carrier, and 15 more expanded accident benefits.  More information is available upon request.

Each new member will receive a membership ID card (renewed yearly), one vehicle medallion, one yearly window decal, and a secret works book after completing the Initiation of Obligation.   In addition, you will receive from the National Lodge a Quarterly Newspaper.

Some of the above benefits are at a cost to you, but could come in handy in the future. If you have any questions on these benefits please contact a FOP representative.

How to Join

Persons who want to become members of the Lodge must fill out an application and mail it to the Lodge mailing address or fax the document. The Lodge fax number and mailing address is already printed on the applications and listed below, or you can complete the application on the lodge website and press send for your convenience.

Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Dept. of Corrections
Lodge #263
P.O. Box 3175
Joliet, IL 60435-3175

Phone: 815-260 – 9360
Fax Number: 708-221-6720

A new member must sign up for the payroll deduction. Dues are $ 5.00 per pay period. Submit payroll deduction card to your payroll department at the institution or parole office. Your membership is automatically renewed every year until you cancel. The Lodge Secretary will process your application once your name appears on the institutions payroll sheet.

If you choose not to take the payroll deduction the membership fee will be $120.00 per year
$60.00 due October 1st and $ 60.00 due April 1st every 6 months. your first payment will be prorated.
Membership will be processed once check has cleared or money order has been received. Membership will not be renewed automatically unless payment is received. We encourage you to enroll in the payroll deduction.

Any changes made after your application is processed visit the membership update section and complete the update form and press send.

NEW! Forms Online:

Retiree Renewals and Payments
All retirees need to contact Secretary Baker concerning payments and renewal of membership.

FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. HR-218 CoverageFOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. HR-218 Coverage

(Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004)

The FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. is offering HR-218 coverage for FOP active and retired law enforcement officers.
Legal defense coverage will be provided for civil or criminal claims associated with the HR-218. The annual coverage limit will be $15,000 at a cost of $50.00 per participant.
Please note if you are currently an FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. participant, coverage for the HR-218 is automatically included.
A copy of the application that will need to be completed may be found below. Please print this form, fill the form and sent back along with payment.
For additional enrollment information or questions, please contact Maureen Jagos.
Click Below for an application and more information: (requires Acrobat Reader)

Mail completed application along with premium payment to:

Maureen Jagos
Hylant Group Inc.
P.O. Box 1687
Toledo, OH 43603-1687
Phone: 1-800-341-6038
Fax: 1-419-255-7557

Gun Liability Insurance for Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Law Enforcement Gun Liability Coverage

From SHIELD U Insurance Group

Active Members – $349/Year
Retired Members – $229/Year
Monthly Payments Now Available!!!

Policy Coverage Includes:

  • Active or Retired F.O.P. Members
  • Spouse
  • All Household Family Members (under age 25)
  • Civil Defense Coverage
  • $250,000 Civil Liability Coverage
  • $100,000 Criminal Defense Reimbursement
  • $10,000 Cash Advance for Attorney Retainer (if Criminally Charged)
  • Excess Firearm Liability Coverage for Law Enforcement Acts

What does gun liability insurance protect against?

Civil Liability
Even for justifiable acts of self-defense, a claim for monetary damages can be made against you by your assailant or your assailant’s family member. Civil Liability claims are not costly for a perpetrator to make, even if they are without merit. All the perpetrator needs is an attorney willing to take his case in hopes of recovering damages from you. The cost of defending yourself against these claims can be financially devastating. Our policy provides legal defense coverage to vigorously defend you against these unwanted claims. In addition, subject to your policy limit of liability, we will pay damages on your behalf that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of your use of a firearm in an act of self-defense.

Criminal Defense Reimbursement
Just because you think your use of a firearm in an act of self-defense was justifiable, it doesn’t mean the District Attorney will agree with you. Overzealous prosecutors can bring criminal charges against you. Protecting your freedom is costly and time consuming. Our policy provides you with Criminal Defense Reimbursement benefits if you are criminally charged and those charges are subsequently dismissed, or you are acquitted of criminal charges related to your use of a firearm in an act of self-defense.

Excess Firearm Liability Coverage
Our Policy will provide Civil Liability defense and Criminal Defense Reimbursement coverage for the use of your firearm in a law enforcement act. Coverage is on an excess basis, when no other coverage is available to you, or other coverage has been disclaimed.

For additional info or to purchase the policy:

Rockford Office:
Dean Hill – (815)633-3150 –
Aurora Office:
Michael Baker – (630)820-8696 –