In January of 1993, a group of Officers, Sergeants, and Lieutenants from Joliet, Stateville, Dwight Correctional Centers and Joliet IYC united for the first time to form a Lodge with the Fraternal Order of Police. Captains, Majors, Superintendents, Wardens and Assistant Wardens from every institutions Parole Agents, Parole Supervisors, K-9 Specialists who wished to join was welcome.

The intentions of forming Corrections Lodge #263 was for us to finally get the respect and recognition as a law enforcement officer for the vital work that we do as a integral part of our criminal justice system which provides public safety through the investigation, apprehension, adjudication and incarceration of criminals. We want to be treated as part of the whole with the same respect that our brothers and sister in law enforcement enjoy rather than an afterthought.

We, as a lodge, distribute information devoted exclusively to matters concerning all correctional employees best interests and promoting high professional standards. We are not the union but a fraternal organization willing to work together with our union and accomplish this goal.

Department of Juvenile Justice, Correctional Chaplain, Supply Supervisor, Food Supervisor, Locksmith, Counselor, Identification Technician, Account Technician, Clinical Service Supervisor and Maintenance Craftsman are ineligible for membership in Fraternal Order Of Police Corrections Lodge 263. Please go to your payroll department and have your payroll deduction stop immediately. You have all ready been placed on in active status. In the future if your employment status change and you become eligible for membership again you can come back keeping your same membership number. But for now stop your payroll deduction.