Executive Board

ILFOP #263 Executive Board Swearing In 2016

ILFOP #263 Executive Board Swearing In 2016

President Chris Harrington

Chris HarringtonI  started working for the Illinois Department of Corrections at Stateville Correctional Center in 1998 until the present time. Within my tenure I have had various duties/job assignments and I’ve also been a part of the Special Operations Unit, the Investigations Unit and also a mentor/instructor for the Cadets in IDOC Training Academy in Springfield, Illinois. I have been apart and active in Lodge #263 IDOC Fraternal Order of Police since 1999. I along with dedicated and faithful members (peace officers) of Lodge # 263 have been fighting and standing for the rights and respect of all IDOC and other law enforcement agencies.

I’m proud to be a part of The “True Blue” Brother/Sister-hood called law enforcement. May God bless all of those who’ve paved the way and lost their lives in the line of duty and to all that put their lives on the line everyday/all day.

First Vice-President Jose Prado

Jose PradoI began my career in law enforcement in 1988, when I graduated from the Professional Career Center with a Diploma in Private Security and Investigations.  I graduated With Honors and became the Class Valedictorian. I worked in the private sector for about 10 years.  While working as a volunteer for the Chicago Police Department, I served as an adult adviser for the Law Enforcement Explorer Program.  In 1998, I joined the Illinois Department of Corrections and was assigned to the Joliet Correctional Center as a Correctional Officer. I joined the F.O.P. shortly thereafter.

In 1999, I joined the Illinois Association of Hispanic State Employees (IAHSE.) When Joliet C.C. was closed, I was transferred to the Stateville Correctional Center and am still there. I have served as an Institutional Trustee, District 1 Trustee, Chief Trustee and Sgt. at Arms for the I.D.O.C Lodge #263. I have joined several community and professional organizations.  I’m the Worshipful Master for Ashby B. Carter #138 Masonic Lodge. I think that I could be an asset because of my experience and willingness to move forward and make a difference.

Second Vice-President Mike Davey

Mike DaveyI would like to welcome and introduce you to the Fraternal Order of Police. The Fraternal Order of Police is just that, a brotherhood and sisterhood of Law Enforcement, a brotherhood and sisterhood of police and corrections across the State of Illinois and across this country. Illinois Lodge 263 was founded to promote professionalism and respect for the fine members of the Illinois Department of Corrections and Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

I, as a Trustee of this fine lodge, am only one man, it takes all of us to promote and continue this mission. The original IDOC motto that has stuck in my head is, “firm, fair and consistent,” this is what I have and will continue to bring to the operation of this lodge. I also bring a wide range of training and experience as I have noted below.

2000-2003: Correctional Officer, Tactical Officer at IDOC Stateville Correctional Center-Joliet
2003-Current: Parole Agent, Sex Offender Unit at IDOC-Chicago
2007-Current: Auxiliary Police Officer, Field Training Officer, Firearms Range Instructor at Berwyn Police Department-Berwyn
1996-Current: 2400+ Hours of specialized law enforcement training and education in areas of tactics, firearms, investigations, surveillance, gangs, and education/training at various Local, State and Federal Agencies across the country
2010-Current: Critical Incident Support Team Member at Fraternal Order of Police Illinois State Lodge

Please feel free to contact me anytime for assistance.

Treasurer Tammie Lukes

Treasurer Tammie LukesTammie Lukes began her career as a Correctional Officer in 2011. Throughout her career with IDOC Tammie has served as a Tactical Unit Officer at the Pontiac Correctional Facility. Since 2012 Tammie has proudly served as a statewide Honor Guard member for Illinois fallen heroes. She is also a certified DOC Screener.

In addition to IDOC, she has over 15 years of professional management skills with Centrue Bank and Mosley Construction. She has the knowledge of operating different software, such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Word programs.

Tammie has developed the skills needed to create a curriculum for an adult construction program known as PHPCOP (Pembroke Hopkins Park Construction Outreach Program) created in 2008. Since 2012 Tammie has become a dedicated active member for FOP Lodge 263. Tammie is a person known for her determination and drive to make a difference. She is looking forward to pushing the lodge to were they need to be, which is the top LODGE in the state.

Secretary Russell Baker

Secretary Russell BakerI started working for the Illinois Department of Corrections at Joliet Correctional Center in 2001 until 2002, when we were transferred to Stateville C.C., due to closure of Joliet prison. I made Sergeant in 2010 at Stateville C.C. I graduated from Governors State University with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary studies as well as a degree in Criminal Justice.

Within my tenure I have had various duties/job assignments, and I am one of several Tactical Team Leaders of Stateville Special Operations Unit (Orange Crush). I’ve also been a mentor/instructor for young adults while working for the City of Chicago’s Park District. I have coached high school swimming and water polo and was also IHSA certified as a water polo referee before coming to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

I have been a part of and active in Lodge #263 IDOC Fraternal Order of Police since 2001. I along with dedicated and faithful members (peace officers) of Lodge #263 have been fighting and standing for the rights and respect of all IDOC and other law enforcement agencies.

I’m proud to be a part of such a prestigious organization with The “True Blue” Brother/Sister-hood called law enforcement. May God bless all of those who’ve paved the way and lost their lives in the line of duty and to all who put their lives on the line everyday/all day.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jose Prado II

Sergeant-at-Arms Jose Prado II

State Lodge District 3 Trustee Greg Johnson

Greg JohnsonI began my law enforcement career with the Florida Dept. of Corrections, at Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach, as a Correctional Officer in 1988. I received a promotion to Sergeant in 1993. While working full time, I received my A.A. Degree in General Education from Daytona Beach Community College (now Daytona State Univ.) and subsequently graduated from the Univ. of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in 1998. I completed 21 credit hours of post-graduate course work in Public Administration at UCF prior to joining the IL Dept. of Corrections in 2000 as a Parole Agent. I have been assigned to the Dist. 1 Juvenile Office since 2002 supervising caseloads in Will County and the West Side of Chicago.I joined the IL FOP in 2001 and have held positions in Lodge 263 as a Legislative Liaison, District Trustee, Lodge Trustee, Chairman of Trustees.  In 2005 I was elected Treasurer and held that position until 2012 when I was elected as the Lodge’s President.  I have served as a District Trustee on the IL FOP Board of Trustees since 2010 as well as serving on the State Lodge Finance Committee. I am the immediate past president. I have served as a Delegate to the State Biennial Conference from 2002 through 2012 and the National Biennial Conference from 2005 thru 2011. My wife, Bonnie, and I have been married since 1989 and are the proud parents of two daughters.

Greg Johnson also serves as the State Lodge District 3 Trustee.

Past President Andre Dixon

Andre DixonI started my career in corrections at Joliet Correctional Center in 1987. I became a Certified Tactical Officer in 1988. I was promoted to Correctional Sergeant in 2000 and was relocated to Stateville Correctional Center in 2002 when Joliet Correctional Center closed.

I am the founder of the Illinois Department of Corrections Lodge 263. I served as President from 1993 to 1996 and Past President from 1996 to the present. I retired from Illinois Department of Corrections with 25 years of service. I will continue to fight for correctional officers’ state and county rights until we have the same respect and recognition as other law enforcement agencies.

Northern District Trustee (Vacant)

Central District Trustee Jared Rusk

Southern District Trustee (Vacant)

District Parole Trustee Kevin Wilbur

District Parole Trustee Kevin WilburI began my Law Enforcement career in 1987 with The Robbins Police Department in Robbins Illinois for 3 years. I joined The Chicago Housing Authority Police Department as a Sergeant of Police/Watch Commander in 1990 after 10 years of service The CHAPD was disbanded. In 2000 I joined The Illinois Department of Corrections as a Parole Agent assigned to the Halsted Parole Office. In 2005 I was promoted to Parole Supervisor assigned to The Back of the Yards/ Midtown Parole Offices PM. I currently assigned to The Chicago Heights/Will County Parole Offices PM.

I served in The US Army for 23 years as an Armor Crewman, M60A1 & M60A2 Main Battle Tanks, assigned to Military Police Investigations Drug Suppression Detail, Germany. Assigned as a Field Army Recruiter to The Champaign Recruiting Office in Champaign Illinois, I was then assigned as The Station Commander. I joined The Army Reserve 5034th USARF School as an NCOES Instructor, PLDC-First Sergeants Courses. I was reassigned to the MOS Section as a Military Police/Investigations Instructor, Site Manager.

My Wife Patrice and I are the very proud parents of two daughters Jasmine (21) & Dominique (19), who both graduated from Rich Central High School and both attend SIU Carbondale. Patrice and I live in Matteson, Illinois. I was appointed by Village President Andre’ B. Ashmore as Commissioner, Fire & Police Commission. I serve The American Legion Post 474, Matteson Illinois youth programs, Boys State for the past 15 years.

I am very proud to have been appointed as Parole Trustee by our past & current Presidents. I look forward to working with all the Parole Agents & Parole Supervisors all over The Land of Lincoln.

District Stateville Trustee Quenn Edwards

District Stateville Trustee Quenn Edwards

Lodge Chaplain (Vacant)